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About Us
We are a community of people passionate about art, united in a digital tool that facilitates the contemplation, administration, promotion and acquisition of pieces of art around the world.We faithfully believe that art must be available for all to contemplate, appreciate and interact with it. We want to give art more value in the world, allowing collectors to share it, people to enjoy it and artists to continue creating.
Hartii facilitates the contemplation, care and promotion of art connecting collectors, artists and public. Our convenient online interface allows you to share collections, interact with them, acquire pieces and their replicas in different articles, therefore becoming a catalyzing agent for art around the world.

Ricardo Ponce

Collector and Founder

Founder of Hartii, Ricardo has been an art collector since 2015 and his collection includes pieces from artists such as Alonso Gutierrez, Alfredo Romero, Gerda Gruber and Jaime Barrera. He believes that art is made to be shared with everyone.

Blanca A. Perez


Brenda Carrión

Chief Content Officer

Degree in Visual Arts from UADY, she is in charge of administrating the virtual collections of Hartii and managing Hartii's social media.

Valeria Correa

Content Creator

Student of the Visual Arts Degree of the Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán.

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