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In Hartii we understand collectors and we offer them a digital tool to facilitate their passion for art, while we work to increase their patrimonial value. Simultaneously, Hartii works as a showroom for users to share their collections to different publics from around the world.
Through a team of art professionals, Hartii will write the description, cataloging and photographic record of all the art pieces involving the collection. There will also be a record of loans each piece has.
Economic valuation of each of the art pieces and the entire collection. This service will be supported by Hartii’s curatorial team and can be accompanied by a notary’s signature.
We have a team of professional art restorers who evaluate and work on artworks that have been damaged to return them to their original state. Each artwork receives a personalized attention, and the process of restoration will depend on the needs of the artwork.
Art Exhibits
We host cultural events, workshops and art exhibits with galleries, artists, and cultural promoters in alternative spaces. Our events have the final purpose of sharing art with society and incentivize its commercialization.
Online Management
Hartii offers a modern way to manage your collection through digital platforms. Either if it's through the website of their mobile app, it is possible to manage the visibility of their collection in our official site, its assessment, and interactivity with other members and the general public.
Museography and installation
We install works of art for our clients, both for events and private spaces such as offices and residencies, so the artwork may be safely placed in its final location. We also offer advice on where to place the artworks to be well adjusted to the interior design and analyzing other external factors that may affect the artwork (such as light, ventilation, humidity, and more).
Art exportation and importation
We export and import artwork following the customs and tax requirements of each country for a better transition. We also offer the service of packaging so the artwork may travel safely no matter its format (sculpture, painting, photography and more).
Additional services
In Hartii we offer art services such as framing, professional photography for artworks, art exhibit management, art sale and more. Collectors who register as Hartii members will receive a special discount on these services.