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Asian Art, Part V: Japanese Art (11,000 a. C – 1185)
Artículos | 27 ENE 2023 Por Valeria Correa
Investing in art from the Stock Exchange, the News Sep of líquido art.
Internacional | 23 ENE 2023 Por Redacción
About Vasari’s The Lives in the historiography of art.
Artículos | 01 ENE 2023 Por Valeria Correa
Stories of the Pre-Rafaelite Brotherhood
Artículos | 29 DIC 2022 Por Valeria Correa
Analysis of sociology in the history of art in the work of Arnold Hauser
Artículos | 20 DIC 2022 Por Valeria Correa
Adolf Hitler, from failed artist to infamous dictator
Artículos | 29 NOV 2022 Por Brenda J. Carrión
Asian Art, Part IV: Korean Art (3rd century BC - 1910)
Artículos | 25 NOV 2022 Por Valeria Correa
Asian Art, Part III: Chinese Art (from 1279 to the early 20th century)
Artículos | 16 NOV 2022 Por Valeria Correa
Vandalism or activism? Why are activists throwing food and sticking themselves to art?
Artículos | 29 OCT 2022 Por Redacción
Damien Hirst burns more than 4,000 works of art
Internacional | 13 OCT 2022 Por Redacción
American tourist destroys sculptures in the Vatican because he was denied seeing the Pope
Internacional | 07 OCT 2022 Por Redacción
valuable work of Frida Kahlo is burned to sell it as digital art
Internacional | 30 SEP 2022 Por Redacción
“Strokes and projections” a collaboration between Hartii and Gabriel Ramírez
Local | 23 SEP 2022 Por Redacción
Art auction to finance mexican satellite
Nacional | 19 SEP 2022 Por Redacción
Eight works by Cezanne where there is more than meets the eye
Artículos | 31 AGO 2022 Por Redacción
Activists stick their hands on famous Vatican sculpture
Internacional | 19 AGO 2022 Por Redacción