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A mural by Diego Rivera suffers an indirect devaluation
Artículos | 08 ABR 2024 Por Redacción
The 5 best valued works by living artists
Artículos | 01 ABR 2024 Por Redacción
Rock art in Yucatan
Local | 22 MAR 2024 Por Redacción
The joint work of anthropologists, archaeologists and researchers from the INAH came up with a cave ...
A prank or Art protest?
Nacional | 14 MAR 2024 Por Redacción
Mexico is so surreal that it becomes difficult to know if what we see is intentional or just the nature...
The Spinners of Velázquez layer by layer
Artículos | 29 FEB 2024 Por Valeria Correa
Among the works of Diego Velázquez, Las Meninas (1656) usually stands out, the mystery and mastery behind...
The new "Cultural Heritage Battalion" of the National Guard
Nacional | 23 FEB 2024 Por Redacción
The National Guard prepares a special battalion in conjunction with the Institute of Fine Arts and Literature...
The Birth of Venus, the next marquee of environmental activism
Internacional | 20 FEB 2024 Por Redacción
The environmental activists of Ultima Generazione appear again to attract the attention of the Italian...
Suzanne Valadon: an artist without limits
Artículos | 31 ENE 2024 Por Valeria Correa
Throughout history it is difficult to find spirits as free as artists among other historical personalities...
Hartii: the new Cultural Center in Mérida
Local | 29 ENE 2024 Por Valeria Correa
After several years of working mainly online, our beloved Hartii finally materializes in a cultural ...
The role of art in mental health
Artículos | 16 ENE 2024 Por Valeria Correa
It is known that art has a positive impact on our mental health and the reasons why it represents a ...
Artists and the pets that inspired them, Pt2
Artículos | 27 DIC 2023 Por Valeria Correa
Continuing with the wonderful stories of the artists and their quadruped friends, in this second part...
Artists and the pets that inspired them, Pt1
Artículos | 22 DIC 2023 Por Valeria Correa
In these articles we want to share something similar to a list since the artists who will be mentioned...
Dürer and Intellectual Property
Artículos | 07 DIC 2023 Por Valeria Correa
For centuries, artists did not sign their works nor were they recognized by them, but this began to ...
Art in vampire tombs
Artículos | 30 NOV 2023 Por Redacción
There is much talk about the unjust public executions of witches, but, just as those women were capriciously...
Exhibition is vandalized in the center of Morelia
Nacional | 16 NOV 2023 Por Redacción
Last Wednesday, the 8th, an exhibition of the Prado Museum that was in the historic center of Morelia...
Velázquez's Venus is hammered by climate activists
Internacional | 09 NOV 2023 Por Redacción
Activists of the Just Stop Oil movement again use works of art for the purpose of transmitting their...