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The Birth of Venus, the next marquee of environmental activism
International | 20 FEB 2024 Por Redacción

The environmental activists of Ultima Generazione appear again to attract the attention of the Italian government, this time, pasting photographs on the glass that protects The Birth of Venus by Sandro Boticcelli at the Uffizi Gallery.

On that occasion, they appeared demanding an economic support fund for the victims of the floods that occurred last November in Tuscany, damaging several areas and with reports of several deaths.

During their protest, activists made a call to conscience denouncing that the Italian government has been capable to take action to address the climate problems that are generated from pollution and have repercussions on our lives as natural disasters generated by this crisis; holding it accountable to the victims of these incidents.

The members of Ultima Generazione shared that they were fully aware that they could be arrested and go to jail for their acts since the Italian government approved a law on January 18 that means a fine on those who carry out acts of vandalism against works of art, monuments or cultural heritage. Although this is a measure that was taken to prevent more protests involving works of art as a means of obtaining attention, the activists declared that, even being aware of the possibilities of being imprisoned, they considered that taking these actions was right and right.

The work was not damaged and the room was cleared a few minutes after the images glued to the glass had been extracted. The demonstrators were removed from the room by the museum authorities.

Source: infobae

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