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2 Rembrandts come to light after almost 200 years
Internacional | 16 MAY 2023 Por Redacción
Artists rejects prize for winning with an IA generated picture
Internacional | 19 ABR 2023 Por Redacción
Attempted fraud for more than $82 million in counterfeit art
Internacional | 14 ABR 2023 Por Redacción
AI helps to attribute the authorship of unidentified Renaissance painting.
Internacional | 03 FEB 2023 Por Redacción
Investing in art from the Stock Exchange, the News Sep of líquido art.
Internacional | 23 ENE 2023 Por Redacción
Damien Hirst burns more than 4,000 works of art
Internacional | 13 OCT 2022 Por Redacción
American tourist destroys sculptures in the Vatican because he was denied seeing the Pope
Internacional | 07 OCT 2022 Por Redacción
valuable work of Frida Kahlo is burned to sell it as digital art
Internacional | 30 SEP 2022 Por Redacción
Activists stick their hands on famous Vatican sculpture
Internacional | 19 AGO 2022 Por Redacción
A disease, a psychic and 50 million dollars under a bed
Internacional | 11 AGO 2022 Por Redacción
In Rio de Janeiro, a ridiculous and unbelievable scam reached its conclusion this Wednesday, August ...
Descendants of German-Jewish art dealer seek restitution of family heirloom
Internacional | 30 JUL 2022 Por Redacción
The restitution of art stolen by the Nazis is an issue that continues to create disputes and stories...
Internacional | 25 JUL 2022 Por Redacción
Last Friday, July 22, the Uffizzi Gallery in Florence, one of the most important museums in Italy, was...
A former KKK headquarters will be turned into an arts center
Internacional | 29 MAY 2022 Por Redacción
The importance of remembering the past so that it does not repeat itself, especially the mistakes and...
Mexico recovers pre-Hispanic heritage that would be auctioned in Belgium
Internacional | 05 MAY 2022 Por Redacción
Carlo Bonte Auction House had three pieces of pre-Hispanic furniture art that were going to be auctioned...
Finnish customs seized $46 million worth of art headed back to Russia
Internacional | 13 ABR 2022 Por Redacción
Last Wednesday, April 6, the Finnish customs confiscated in Vaalimaa - the border point between Finland...
Meet Ai-da, the humanoid robot that will participate in the Venice Biennale
Internacional | 25 MAR 2022 Por Redacción
For the first time in the 120-year history of the Venice Biennale, an artist arrives who represents ...