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Art auction to finance mexican satellite
Nacional | 19 SEP 2022 Por Redacción
What will happen to Banamex's cultural heritage after its sale?
Nacional | 21 ENE 2022 Por Redacción
Without affecting the activities and services that the National Bank of Mexico (Banamex) offers its ...
Initiative against plagiarism of indigenous textile art in Mexico
Nacional | 20 AGO 2021 Por Redacción
Leonora Carrington's house in Mexico City becomes museum
Nacional | 31 MAY 2021 Por Redacción
Feminists paint mural of María Izquierdo
Nacional | 23 ABR 2021 Por Redacción
Mexican artist wins international prize of Art and Technology
Nacional | 05 NOV 2020 Por Redacción
Jorge Marin's sculptures are stolen in Queretaro
Nacional | 17 MAY 2020 Por Redacción
The Whitney Museum in NY inaugurates exhibit on mexican art's influence in America
Nacional | 06 MAR 2020 Por Redacción
Art critic destroys a sculpture in Zona Maco
Nacional | 10 FEB 2020 Por Redacción
Bada Mx, the argentinian art fair where you buy directly from the artist
Nacional | 30 ENE 2020 Por Redacción
Rina Lazo, muralist and Rivera's disciple, dies at age 96
Nacional | 04 NOV 2019 Por El Sol de México
Mexican artist Francisco Toledo dies at 79
Nacional | 06 SEP 2019 Por Excelsior
SNTE will exhibit seized artwork from artists like Orozco, Rivera and Toledo
Nacional | 23 AGO 2019 Por Excelsior
The Dolores Olmedo Museum will reunite Frida and Diego
Nacional | 12 AGO 2019 Por Milenio
Dolores Olmedo, the loyal philantropic of Diego Rivera's art
Nacional | 01 AGO 2019 Por El País
The forgotten women of mexican muralism
Nacional | 26 JUL 2019 Por Verne El País