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A prank or Art protest?
Nacional | 14 MAR 2024 Por Redacción
Mexico is so surreal that it becomes difficult to know if what we see is intentional or just the nature...
The new "Cultural Heritage Battalion" of the National Guard
Nacional | 23 FEB 2024 Por Redacción
The National Guard prepares a special battalion in conjunction with the Institute of Fine Arts and Literature...
Exhibition is vandalized in the center of Morelia
Nacional | 16 NOV 2023 Por Redacción
Last Wednesday, the 8th, an exhibition of the Prado Museum that was in the historic center of Morelia...
Art auction to finance mexican satellite
Nacional | 19 SEP 2022 Por Redacción
What will happen to Banamex's cultural heritage after its sale?
Nacional | 21 ENE 2022 Por Redacción
Without affecting the activities and services that the National Bank of Mexico (Banamex) offers its ...
Initiative against plagiarism of indigenous textile art in Mexico
Nacional | 20 AGO 2021 Por Redacción
Leonora Carrington's house in Mexico City becomes museum
Nacional | 31 MAY 2021 Por Redacción
On May 24, one day before Leonora Carrington's tenth birthday, the media broadcast the presentation ...
Feminists paint mural of María Izquierdo
Nacional | 23 ABR 2021 Por Redacción
Stopped by the triad of muralists, Diego Rivera, Alfaro Siqueiros and Clemente Orozco, María Izquierdo...
Mexican artist wins international prize of Art and Technology
Nacional | 05 NOV 2020 Por Redacción
The Lumen Prize is an award originally from Wales created by Carla Rapoport, a former finance reporter...
Jorge Marin's sculptures are stolen in Queretaro
Nacional | 17 MAY 2020 Por Redacción
On May 11 in Calzada de los Arcos Querétaro, 5 sculptures by Jorge Marin and 9 paintings by other artists...
The Whitney Museum in NY inaugurates exhibit on mexican art's influence in America
Nacional | 06 MAR 2020 Por Redacción
In February, the Whitney Museum in New York unveiled its new exhibition “American Life: Mexican Muralists...
Art critic destroys a sculpture in Zona Maco
Nacional | 10 FEB 2020 Por Redacción
Avelina Lésper, controversial Mexican columnist and art critic, accidentally destroyed a sculpture by...
Bada Mx, the argentinian art fair where you buy directly from the artist
Nacional | 30 ENE 2020 Por Redacción
At the beginning of February of this year, “Bada Mx” will arrive in the capital, a fair that originated...
Museum of Antropology contains 188 pictures of Mexico's life in 1937, 38 & 57
Nacional | 01 JUL 2019 Por Redacción
Last Friday, June 28, the photographic exhibition "Con los pies en la tierra" was inaugurated at the...
Suspect is under custody after trying to sell a stolen Frida Kahlo painting
Nacional | 26 JUN 2019 Por Redacción
On June 24, a person was arrested in Morelos, Mexico, after carrying out a purchase and sale operation...
Fonoteca Nacional reveals an audio with Frida Kahlo's voice
Nacional | 17 JUN 2019 Por Redacción
Frida Kahlo is a Mexican artist who needs no introduction; she is famous for her murky relationship ...