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Hartii: the new Cultural Center in Mérida
Local | 29 ENE 2024 Por Valeria Correa

After several years of working mainly online, our beloved Hartii finally materializes in a cultural center, where not only will we continue to give our ArtTalks, we also have space for art exhibitions and finally expand horizons to other artistic disciplines such as: music, dance, theater, literature and performance.

This means that the range of events we will have will not only be wider, but also more constant and in this way we continue to consolidate our path towards the democratization of art. Last Wednesday, the 24th, we held a garment conference where the founders of Hartii, Ricardo Ponce and Blanca Sánchez; the art director, Brenda Carrión Villanueva; and artists who have accompanied us every step such as LAV Alonso Gutiérrez, Javier Barrera and Alfredo Romero, shared part of the history and meaning of Hartii, as well as its projections to the future.

The building that is currently the headquarters of the cultural center was the home of the late Yucatecan artist Ermilo Torre Gamboa. Ricardo Ponce mentioned that, for him, there are several reasons why he considered it important to rescue this space. First to keep up a building with both historical and symbolic value for those of us who value and remember the master Torre Gamboa through his work, as well as to share it for those who are about to know him. And, on the other hand, the sentimental value of having shared this space with other painting students that the teacher had as he grew up and formed his connection with art.

However, Hartii is even more than the above, since as a founder and collector, Ricardo Ponce considers it important to share not only the art he has acquired, but also the one that has been close to him all his life, such as the work of the artist Alonso Gutiérrez, another important pillar among Yucatecan artists who have left a mark on our history. For her part, Blanca Sánchez, founder of Hartii and partner of Ponce, intervened with the structure that was the beginning of our platform, the democratization of art through sharing and managing private collections.

The curatorship of the exhibition that we managed this inauguration was carried out by the art director of Hartii, LAV Brenda Carrión, who declared at the press conference that, in this new stage we will go beyond the talks, exhibitions and services that we already manage, we will also be a multidisciplinary space open to more types of events and other arts.

We have grown a lot in these years thanks to the effort of our entire team, external agents and artists, but, above all, there is the community that we have created and has supported us in this time. Thanks to this, we were able to inaugurate this space last Thursday the 25th and from now on, receive visitors to our facilities and host cultural events of various kinds.

We invite you to visit us from Monday to Friday, between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm, we are a few steps from the Rogers Hall school, do not miss our inaugural exhibition with more than 40 works by various national and international artists, as well as our future events. We are at 21st Street #135 between 36 and 38, Col. Campestre, Av. Rogers Hall and to contact us you can use the email: contacto@hartii.art or the Cel. 9992 50 0569. This new cultural center is also your space, welcome to Hartii.

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