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Velázquez's Venus is hammered by climate activists
International | 09 NOV 2023 Por Redacción

Activists of the Just Stop Oil movement again use works of art for the purpose of transmitting their social struggle and on this occasion, the incident took place at the National Gallery in London.

The work is "The Venus of the Mirror" (1647) by Diego Velázquez, this work has a long history with vandalism through many encounters in which it suffered damage that fortunately was reversible. This time he received multiple hammers that cut the glass that protects the work.

Something important to consider, is the fact that the hammers, the hands with glue and the food stains with which the works have intervened, never damaged the works themselves, they have even stated in interviews that their most scandalous or aggressive methods do not use them in works without glass. A proof of this the time they protested at the Prado Museum sticking to the Majas de Goya, but only to the frames, since they do not have glass.

The authorities of the institution almost immediately closed the room in which the work was located and it was removed to go through an evaluation of the damages it possibly received.

The awareness that Just Stop Oil activists have created is increasingly changing the public reception of their actions, since people are realizing that they do not seek to damage the works and that, otherwise, they would not be heard.

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