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Art in vampire tombs
Artículos | 30 NOV 2023 Por Redacción
There is much talk about the unjust public executions of witches, but, just as those women were capriciously...
Exhibition is vandalized in the center of Morelia
Nacional | 16 NOV 2023 Por Redacción
Last Wednesday, the 8th, an exhibition of the Prado Museum that was in the historic center of Morelia...
Velázquez's Venus is hammered by climate activists
Internacional | 09 NOV 2023 Por Redacción
Activists of the Just Stop Oil movement again use works of art for the purpose of transmitting their...
Should photographs in museums be prohibited or allowed?
Artículos | 31 OCT 2023 Por Redacción
On September 1, after 30 years of prohibition, the Reina Sofía Museum will finally allow its visitors...
Yayoi Kusama begins a path to redemption by asking for forgiveness
Internacional | 24 OCT 2023 Por Resdacción
The renowned contemporary Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama, has recently attracted attention not only for...
New discovery about Da Vinci's Mona Lisa
Internacional | 17 OCT 2023 Por Redacción
Advances in chemical studies and the analysis of works of art continue to evolve and surprise us. Thanks...
Behind the success of artists: great dealers in history.
Artículos | 01 OCT 2023 Por Redacción
In this article we want to share a little about the life and exploits of some art merchants that could...
A great contribution to rock art is discovered in Spain
Internacional | 26 SEP 2023 Por Redacción
A stolen Van Gogh appears in Ikea's bag
Internacional | 15 SEP 2023 Por Redacción
Gustave Moreau: master of mysticism.
Artículos | 31 AGO 2023 Por Valeria Correa
Yucatan loses two renowned artists this month
Local | 24 AGO 2023 Por Redacción
Death and tragedy: the mesmerizing room 075 in the Prado Museum Pt2
Artículos | 21 AGO 2023 Por Valeria Correa
New discoveries in pharaonic art.
Internacional | 26 JUL 2023 Por Redacción
Death and tragedy: the mesmerizing room 075 in the Prado Museum
Artículos | 25 JUL 2023 Por Valeria Correa
Pizza in ancient Pompeii?
Internacional | 11 JUL 2023 Por Redacción
FrAI Angelico, artificial intelligence to interpret art
Internacional | 30 JUN 2023 Por Redacción